Tuberculosis and Allergy

This site is devoted to the tuberculosis-induced allergic diseases. The basis of the approach is the author's own work on treatment of glomerulonephritis as allergic disease. Autoimmune reaction in glomerulonephritis according to this approach is a particular case of infectious allergy.
The study was performed in 60s of the 20th century and the essence was as follows. 72 people, ill with glomerulonephritis (no active TB cases), were tested with 5 allergens of most important infections: hemolitic streptococcus, alpha-hemolytic streptococcus, hemolitic staphylococcus, brucellosis and tuberculosis. Only tuberculine tests (TT) induced general and specific reaction of the patients (increased temperature, increased concentration of protein and blood cells in urine after 48 hours). Anti-TB treatment of 22 most serious cases of glomerulonephritis gave very good results. Streptococcus infection can be treated as a release factor for tuberculosis infection rather than the direct reason of the glomerulonephritis. The author considers latent M.Tuberculosis complex infection as the most probable reason that induced allergy.

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